Apr 24th Heartbeat Bug

You may have now heard of the “Heartbleed Bug” but before I continue I want to reassure you that our servers have already been patched.So what exactly is the Heartbleed Bug? Technically speaking, it is a serious vulnerability in the popular OpenSSL cryptographic software library. In layman’s terms, it allows individuals the ... Read More »

Apr 22nd NEW Feature Added - Thumbnails in Cart

Your Little Fish eCart & SiteBuilder (version 2.83) now has the capability to show thumbnails of your product in the cart.  As the client, you will need to just add some settings in your Mals cart setup for this to work.  Other Sitebuilder systems like ours do not normally have this included, and some will charge $30 to install, but ... Read More »

Apr 5th Client Forum Closure

I've been doing a bit of 'Spring Cleaning' for Little Fish Hosting and have decided to close the client forum.  This is effective immediately.  Should we start to gain interest at a later time I'll consider reopening it.If you have any questions about your SiteBuilder, please be sure to visit our knowledgebase, or open a support ticket. Read More »

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