Affiliate program terms

In order to participate in our Affiliate program, you must first activate the program here - if you are not currently a client you will be prompted to register first.  We will only pay into a Paypal account so the main contact email address we have for you must be your Paypal email address for payments.

Then whenever you are logged in, you can access the Affiliate Program panel by clicking on the 'Affiliates' link in the top menu bar.  In the panel, you will see up-to-date referral stats, a list of referrals, affiliate links to use, and even request a withdrawal of earnings for qualified referrals.

A monthly statement is emailed to all participants.

Affiliates can earn $10 for each new referral account for the eCart & SiteBuilder with Hosting Basic, Premium, or Professional packages only.  There are no earnings for Hosting Only packages, nor for any Add-ons or any other products.  Earnings will be credited to the affiliate's account only and may not be transferred to any other account.

Earnings are available for withdrawal only after the referral has been with Little Fish Hosting for at least 45 days and the referrals account must be in good standing.

The affiliate may request to withdraw earnings once the balance reaches $50.  The withdrawal requests are sent to admin as a support ticket.  These tickets are subject to review before payouts are made.  Please allow 7-10 days for the earnings to be paid into your Paypal account - ensure that your main contact email with us matches the email address for your Paypal account to avoid delays. 

Withdrawals are not done automatically, but must be requested by the client.

Little Fish Hosting reserves the right to make payouts at any time once the affiliate balance reaches $100 as this is the maximum we will allow to build up in the affiliate account.

Tracking Cookie:
When your referral link is used, this will place a tracking cookie on the visitors computer that is good for 90 days.  If you have referred a friend, you may ask them to let us know that it was you that referred them by letting us know during signup in the space provided on the sign-up form.

Earnings can be applied manually by staff ONLY if we are notified by the new referral within 7 days of signing up.  Notification can be by filling in your account email address during signup, or by sending us a support ticket while logged in.  There will be no exceptions to this rule.

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