Why do I need to sign up with Mal's E-commerce?

If you will be signing up for our ecart & SiteBuilder, Mal's E-commerce will allow you to accept and process payments for your store orders as well as handling all shipping settings.  While there are other great features with Mal's, these are the basics that you will need to begin.  It is free to sign up for, and the majority of the services are also free.  Take a look at the Free vs Premium Comparison Chart to see for yourself.

Our eCart & SiteBuilder is an easy way to create and manage your products and pages to work with Mal's, rather than having to create these things manually.  So all in all, our eCart and Mal's work together to give you a fully functional ecommerce solution.

Should you not wish to use Mal's, there are other shopping cart options you can install using Fantastico in your cPanel.  In this case you would only need to then sign up for the Hosting Only packages.

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