Can I host more than one website with you?

Yes you can!  As long as you have available resources and databases for the hosting plan you are on, this is possible.  However if you need to have another eCart & SiteBuilder set up on the website, there will be a one-time fee for this of $95.00

So what this means is that if your Hosting w/eCart plan will allow for another website and you wish to use the eCart & Sitebuilder for this website, the only fee you will be charged for is a one-time license fee of $95. This license is then good for as long as the website is hosted with us.  There will be NO extra charges for hosting and you will still receive the same support and free updates for your additional eCarts that are on the same hosting account.

For current clients on the Hosting w/eCart package that wish to purchase the add-on for another site, you may order here.

For current clients on the Hosting Only package, you should go through the client area and upgrade your account to the Hosting w/eCart package.

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