Inventory Control, Order or Sales Problems

If you are having problems with inventory quantities not decrementing, or if orders are not showing up in the site builder orders area, please check the following:

  1. Mals: Check your setup at Mals:

    • HTTP Call: The HTTP call must be set up in Mals for the inventory control and order tracking to work.

      • URL: In the URL field, add website/go/finish.php (note: no http://). You can also use the direct IP address to the site (ie. 123.456.789.012/~client/go/finish.php)
      • Method: Select POST for the method.
      • Debug: In the HTTP call area of Mals, check the 'debug' box only if you have problems with the inventory control and want to track whether Mals is processing the call. Do not keep the debug checked permanently.
    • PayPal Setup: Make sure that you enter the PayPal email and then:

      • Under 'Website Standard', select the second option: 'return the customer back to the cart. See the notes below...'.
      • Select the IPN box. (If you do not, a customer can close the window and it won't post back.)
    • Email Settings: If you are still having problems with inventory and are not getting debugs, try changing your email address in Mals, especially if you are using an AOL email or a free email like Hotmail. If you are using a domain email or another email that resides on the same server that the site is on, it may be that the server is not processing calls. Try using a gmail email, at least temporarily, which seems to work very reliably.

      After changing your email, if you receive debug messages from Mals that read 'Connection failed: Couldn't resolve host' there may be an issue on your web host's server that is not allowing remote processes. Ask them to check to see if remote scripts can be processed; they may need to tweak settings in the exim server settings.

    • Payment: If the client with issues is only using PayPal as a payment type, we strongly suggest temporarily adding a payment type like Money Orders to see if the process goes through. If that test goes through but the PayPal process does not, you can focus on the PayPal connection pieces only.

  2. PayPal: Please note that if you want to use PayPal as a payment type, you must use a business account if you want to automate inventory control or log orders and sales. Personal accounts can be used with the cart, but the inventory control and order tracking will not work!

    • Auto Return: If you are using PayPal as a payment type, you must turn the 'Auto Return' setting on. This automates the return back to Mals after a customer pays via PayPal. (If this setting is turned off, the cart will require the customer to push a button to go back to the cart, and not all customers will do this.)

    • Thank You Page: The Auto Return setting requires a thank you page to return to after the payment is made. Mals creates a page automatically and submits it without any effort on your part. However, if you plan to use PayPal for any other reason, you will need to make a thank you page on your site. Create the page, following PayPal's thank you page rules (shown on the auto return setting page) and enter the URL in the space provided in PayPal.

  3. Limitations: Please note that the Little Fish eCart system's inventory control system decreases inventory automatically, if set up properly. It will also discourage a customer from ordering more than is available. However, it is not designed as a method to limit quantities for one of a kind items. Because the system uses a third party cart in Mals, we cannot guarantee that a customer will not try to change the quantity within Mals or otherwise try to order more than is available.

    In addition, Mals does not support every payment processor, so it is possible that the http call system may not work properly with your payment processor. Please check the processor list at Mals to make sure inventory control will work on your site - if your processor does not have a check under 'HTTP Call', the inventory system will not work with that processor.

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