Order Buttons or Product Options Do Not Appear

If you cannot see order buttons on your site, or if you cannot see options for your items, select the 'Site Settings' link in your store admin area and look for the field "Order Button". Make sure that it is set to "Always Display". If it is set to "Never Display" your order  buttons will not show (perfect for an affiliate link site). And if "Only Items w/Prices" is selected, it will only show the button if your "Regular Price" or "Sale Price" fields are greater than zero.

You will also need the Mals cart info entered to view order buttons. On that same page, make sure that the "Mals-E Cart ID" fields and "Mals-E Server" fields are populated. If you don't have a Mals ID entered, the buttons (and options) will not appear.  Your Mal's cart ID and server can be found in the signup email you received during signup.

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