Website Migration - what does it include?

Website Migration

If you want to switch to use our eCart & SiteBuilder from a similar sitebuilder program, we have made available a Website Migration service to make the move as seamless and quick as possible. To take advantage of this service, you must sign up for one of our Little Fish eCart with Hosting plans - you will be able to select this service as an add-on during sign-up.

What's Included

These items will only apply if you are moving from an ecart that is similar to our own.  They can be completed as soon as our eCart has been installed which means that your site could be up and ready in no time. A complete move is provided which includes:

  • Template setup
    Your template design will be saved and installed into our own Ecart & SiteBuilder.
  • Images uploaded
    Your images will be saved for both template and products and then uploaded straight into your new Ecart into the appropriate folders.
  • Store backup and import
    If your current ecart is similar to our own, we can take a complete backup of your site and import the data directly into your Little Fish eCart. This will include all your settings, categories, pages, products, etc. So as long as it comes across in the export, it will go back in through the import.
  • Email setup
    You let us know what email accounts you would like created, and we will take care of that for you.
  • Nameserver change - final step
    Once we have the above steps complete and you have had a look over everything, we can change your nameserver settings for you when you are happy for us to do so.

General Requirements:

Of course in order to be able to do these items listed above, we need to have access to various areas of your current account and registrar account:

  • FTP or cPanel access: this will allow us to download your images and template
  • Database access: we must have a way to download your store information and settings. This can be from within the store itself if a backup feature is provided, or from the cPanel using PHPMySQL. If neither of these is available, then we must have a way to export some data into CSV format.
  • Domain registrar access: in order to change your nameservers for you, we need to know where your domain is registered at, and the login information for your account there. Of course, we can skip this step and you can change the nameservers yourself when you are ready.

Using a different type eCart/SiteBuilder?

If you do not use a similar eCart/SiteBuilder to our own, we can only upload and import data which we can retrieve by means of downloading or exporting. If you require us to manually add page or product information that was not downloadable, there will be a fee. In which case it would be best to contact us for a quote.

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